Happy Hours at Burb

Introducing Happy Hours at Burb! Starting June 14th, you can expect to receive discounted offers on select product in-stores between Monday - Wednesday at 9-10am and 9-10pm. Come in for Munchie Monday, Toasted Tuesday or West Coast Wednesday to stock up on your favourite products.

Discounts may vary between stores - click here and find a store near you!

Munchie Monday

Discounts on edibles and beverages featuring
$1 off ALL:

Legends Chocolates
All Daize Gummies
Deep Space Beverages

Toasty Tuesday

Promos on concentrates including
10% off ALL:

Premium 5 Concentrates

West Coast Wednesday

Deals on products from BC Licensed Producers featuring
10% off ALL:

PSF (Unnamed) Sativa/Indica Ounces
All Verse Carts
Pura Vida