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THC Select Pack Pre Rolls


THC:16% - 25%
CBD:0% - 2%

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The AHLOT Cannabis Collections High THC Select multi-pack houses 3 x 0.5 g pre-rolls of curated Indica dominant cultivars from 3 different brands. Muskoka Grown's small-batch, craft cultivation crosses Gorilla Glue #4, OG Kush and Blueberry to create Gluberry OG, a potent cultivar sitting at 24.2% THC. Each hand-crafted pre-roll boasts a distinctive kush aroma mixed with floral notes and a little spice. James E. Wagner's KT GE is a 22.3% THC cultivar sourced exclusively from their GrowthSTORM aeroponics system and individually hand-finished. A classic earthy flavour with piney accents, accompanied by a predominantly spicy aroma, can be expected from this flower. Carmel's debut flower, Drew's Dark Helmet, hails from a back cross of Forum GSC and Jawa Pie, culminating in this potent cultivar with 19.1% THC. Producers of top-shelf, rare genetics, this strain houses a sweet, gassy aroma backed by flavours reminiscent of limey, sugar cookies.