White Rhino

by Pure Sunfarms

THC:16% - 23%
CBD:0% - 0.5%
Indica-Dominant Hybrid
PINENE:0.11% - 0.17%
CARYOPHYLLENE: 0.09% - 0.13%
MYRCENE: 0.08% - 0.53%

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A classic BC strain, it is a hybrid of White Widow and select cultivars from Brazil and India.

The leaves of this compact bud showcase a variety of colours, ranging from sea green to lime peel, with splashes of amethyst, all nearly hidden beneath a cover of snowy trichomes.

It was specifically selected for its sweet and fruity aromas of blueberries and mangos (myrcene), green grapes (pinene), and Thai basil and cloves (caryophyllene).