Sunshine Pine Auto Flower Seed

by Weathered Islands Craft Cannabis

THC:19% - 21%
CBD:0% - 0.3%

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Five seeds of a terpene rich auto-flower. The latest strain from Weathered Islands with notes of pine, turpentine. and a citrus pop of lime. The Sunshine Pine inherits lineage from the Lowrider and Diesel families, giving it a gassy aroma. These auto flower seeds are keen to grow and produce large, dense, frosty buds with shades of purple and red. It's a fun plant to grow that likes to finish early. Easy to grow outdoors with a natural resistance to pests like aphids and mildew. Finishing late August - early September. Please note that this package contains five seeds, but only four non-medical cannabis plants can be grown per household in BC. BC Cannabis Stores sell cannabis seeds which are intended to produce cannabis flowers or bud. BC Cannabis Stores does not guarantee successful cultivation or plant gender. In accordance with BC Cannabis Stores' Returns Policy, cannabis seeds which are unsuccessfully cultivated will not be eligible for a return on the basis that they are “defective”.