Commercial Drive Opening

Vancouver, it's nice to finally meet you. While we've been around for several years and already have three stores in the Tri-Cities area, we officially opened our first Vancouver location last week on 420.

This location is very special to us because it’s a four-storey compound that’s home to our HQ, retail store, and we plan to utilize our space to support the arts and creative community of East Vancouver. Along with our grand opening, we also collabed with local Vancouver designer Shylow Stoops for a limitted edition 420 hoodie.

The store has been two years in the making and after long fought battles with the city and council we’re happy that doors are finally opening. Missed the opening party? Check out our recap below.... and don't worry, we'll have plenty of events in the future ;)

Weed Delivery Vancouver - Dried Flower, Edibles, Concentrates and More.

With our store location on Commercial Drive, we're stoked to offer local weed deliver in the Vancouver area. You can get all of our high-quality cannabis products delivered to Commercial Drive, Hastings, Strathcona, Kingsway and more locations. Our delivery service is fast and convenient - guaranteed in 3 hours or less.

Ordering is easy. Simply place your order online, sit back and relax. No need to jump in your car and trek out to one of our store locations.

We provide safe, reliable, legally licensed delivery of your favorite high variety products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, beverages, concentrates, oils, seeds, or more, we’ve got a wide range of products for any cannabis enthusiast.

Delivery is 7 days a week available Monday to Saturday 9am to 8pm, and Sunday 10am to 7pm.

Burb Delivery is available to all 19+ customers located in Vancouver, BC.

Cannabis Products For Vancouver Weed Delivery

Not sure what to order? We got you! Check out some of our very favourite cannabis products below. All of our in stock weed products are available for delivery.…

Zkittlez Glue (Sitka Micro Collection) - Sitka Weedworks is excited to partner with Westoast to find this Zkittlez Glue pheno. Zkittlez Glue is a sweet and fruity cross between Zkittlez and Cali Glue. The buds themselves have a pungent spicy almost woody smell to them. It has a terpene profile of beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene, and limonene.

BC Organic Lime Mi'Jito (Simply Bare) - Simply Bare's BC Organic Lime Mi'jito is a FVOPA certified, Sativa-leaning flower that is a cross of Limegerian x Orange Blossom Trail cultivars. The strong lime aromas are complimented by floral and earthy undertones.

Blue Skz Infused Blunt (RAD) - RAD Doobies Reserve Blue SKZ Infused Blunts offer a potent strain in a totally unique and convenient format, with an infused and flavoured distillate. RAD uses only the highest quality, fresh whole flower, never shake or trim, that's been skillfully crafted and rolled with premium hemp wraps. Find sweet and berry flavours with sour undertones with around 40% THC in this Indica strain.

Magic Melon Vape Cartridge (BZAM) - Magic Melon is a Sativa-dominant hybrid distillate from BZAM packed with tons of sweet melon flavour and high THC in a 1g, 510 compatible vape. A descendant of Mango Trees, Honeydew Melon and Mango Sherbet, Magic Melon gets its tropical vibes from a custom blend of natural terpenes terpinolene, caryophyllene and myrcene.

DSD Shatter (Dymonds Concentrates) - DSD is an Indica-dominant shatter. The aroma has a well-rounded sweet minty scent followed by fresh lime and pine.

Solar Eclipse 10:10 Balanced Softgels (Emprise Canada) - Emprise's Solar Eclipse is a 10:10 THC CBD balanced formulation. Each softgel delivers 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD. It is manufactured with concentrated balanced cannabis distillate and coconut-derived MCT oil. Each bottle contains 30 softgels (300mg total THC and 300mg total CBD).

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By Nadia Bortolazzo
Nadia is an MA graduate and a Digital Marketing Specialist at Burb. Her writing is guided by her interest in challenging and expanding the ideologies surrounding cannabis culture.
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