Recreational Cannabis in Port Coquitlam

Cannabis is our passion, and the reason we exist.

Burb is a BC-based private retailer of recreational cannabis. We’re legacy minded and committed to ensuring that high quality craft cannabis continues to define the culture of BC. Our stores are community centres that celebrate the plant and preserve the culture associated with it. We hope to see you soon…

Store Location

Burb Cannabis

Mon - Sat: 9AM - 11PM
Sun: 10AM - 10PM

Other Locations

Burb (Broadway Street)

If you haven’t visited this location, we highly recommend it! Unlike any other dispensary you’ve probably visited, this flagship was built to convey the lifestyle behind the Burb brand. Interior design aside, our bud-bar is always stocked with fire in all categories - we pride ourselves on product curation and procurement so you’ll be sure to leave happy every time! Next door we got munchie spots for days - Iron Bowl sushi is possibly the best sushi in the lower mainland, there’s tacos, snacks and junk food, A&W… oh and we’re conveniently located along the Mary Hill Bypass to make your commute a bit more pleasant!

Broadway Online Menu

Cannabis Flower

The purest, original form of cannabis we all know and love — dried flower is still the most popular and widely-used cannabis product worldwide. We take pride in the old-school approach to smoking, and quality cannabis flower is the basis of it all.

From rolling joints to bongs and vaporizers, there is always a reliable way to enjoy flower on your terms.

Our Broadway location is proud to carry the best dried flower the planet has to offer, whether you want a pure indica, sativa, or hybrid strain with some of each. Our budtenders know the score on each strain and the history behind it, giving you all the knowledge needed to make the right call.


Still not sure how to roll a perfect joint? Just short on time and in need of a quick, portable cannabis source?

Pre-rolls are the perfect solution, with a ton of options to choose from at our dispensary. These joints are rolled with artisan precision for maximum functionality and contain only high-quality cannabis you can count on.

We’ve got all the trending pre-rolls with a wide selection of products of various potencies and sizes. As the leading marijuana dispensary in Vancouver, we hand-pick only the best pre-rolls that meet our standards and ensure a great experience for you.


Sometimes, all you need is a quick gummy or cookie with the perfect amount of cannabis to keep your day moving along. Our edible selection is second-to-none, featuring chewables, capsules, and baked goods that will take your experience to new heights!

These edibles might look like everyday treats, but we can assure you they’re for adult use only.

Vape Carts

Vape cartridges represent the new wave of cannabis tech and the culture at large. These streamlined, discreet formats let you tap into the power of your favorite strains with ease, and you may find them more convenient compared to traditional flower.

We've got your back if you don’t know where to start with carts. Plus, we’ll break down the THC and CBD content of each cart so you know what to expect in terms of potency and effects. No more second-guessing, just straight facts.

Cannabis Extracts

Now that extracts are all the rage in the cannabis world, we’re here to help you make sense of the landscape. We carry a full range of extracts with different concentrations, formats, and potencies, and our experienced staff will explain how to use each one correctly.

These concentrated forms of cannabis can pack a punch, and you might need some guidance to get started. That’s exactly why we’re here to lend a hand and show you the latest, greatest products.

Cannabis Topicals

Topical cannabis products are a true game changer for those seeking relaxation and relief. If you have sore muscles or just need some help recovering from a hard workout, these topicals will make all the difference.

With CBD, THC, and skin-friendly extras, you won’t want to miss out on this exciting new trend in the cannabis space.

Weed Accessories

Everything you need to make your cannabis experience a breeze. Vape batteries, papers, grinders, pipes, and more — we’re fully stocked, so you can stay fully loaded. If you’re starting your cannabis journey from scratch, our staff will show you exactly what you need to begin!

As always, we curate only the highest-quality products that are built to last, ensuring your cannabis experience is enhanced, not hampered. The right accessories will bring out the best of your cannabis products, so be sure to pick up any extras you might need.