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Burb Cannabis Dispensary Vancouver

Welcome to the new standard of cannabis in British Columbia. Our roots run deep, dating back to the unique cultivations of marijuana that defined the region long before legalization. If you’re familiar with the cannabis history of the West Coast in Canada, you already know — Vancouver has long been the center of the culture and continues to pave the way.

When the legal marketplace opened in 2018, we made it our mission to bring quality cannabis products to Main Street the right way. For us, that meant going beyond the typical selection of basic Indica and Sativa strains and entering a new era of curation and personalized service.

So far, we’ve fulfilled our aim to bring cannabis to the people in an accessible way, without the confusion or the pressure. Whether you’re just getting started with cannabis or you know your stuff already, we’re here to make your experience as enjoyable and easy as possible.

On the surface, Burb might look like your standard neighborhood weed store, with all the products and extras you’d expect. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll see our grand vision for cannabis retail in Canada — there’s much more to the story.


We knew that cannabis wasn’t getting a fair shake, both from a recreational or medical perspective. We also saw the opportunity to introduce Canada to new, inventive cannabis delivery methods that would change how people smoke, eat, and consume cannabis across the board.

That’s why Burb doesn’t stop with pre-roll joints or the occasional edible — we’ve turned it into a science and a full-blown experience for you.

Cannabis flower is just the beginning, and you’ll quickly see how much more there is to explore in this fast-changing world. Burb brings the best of THC to the table, along with therapeutic CBD and other lesser-known cannabinoids that are helping people feel and live their best.

Not only have we mastered the basics of old-school cannabis strains, but we’re showcasing exciting new varietals all the time — each one more mindblowing (or mind-calming) and unique than the last.

Browse our huge range of cannabis goods, from your favorite pre-roll joints to single-use vaporizers with every flavor imaginable. If you prefer cannabis flower in its original form, we’ve got that, too — our budtenders know exactly what to recommend based on your preferences and tastes.

We’ll also guide the way for you to enjoy each type of cannabis, taking into account your goals, health priorities, and other factors that make you a unique weed connoisseur. Maybe you’re new to concentrates and need some guidance from the pros or a soothing topical for your post-workout routine — that’s exactly why we’re here.

Burb will also introduce you to a world of goods you never knew existed. We’re talking about flavors, formats, and accessories that go beyond your average lineup of cannabis products. This is your perfect entry point into your next adventure, whether you want to chill out for a weekend or make it part of a lifestyle.


We take pride in curating the best cannabis products from across Canada and the U.S., but that’s not all. Burb also works with farmers to create unique strains based on familiar favorites, giving you a fresh take on the most popular cannabis strains on earth.

We share all the details for each custom strain we produce, including flavor profiles, genetic lineage, and even the terpenes that complement the major cannabinoids in each strain. This gives you a level of insight into cannabis you didn’t know existed, and one that will make your next journey that much more enjoyable.

You’ll soon realize that cannabis is more than a simple hobby — it connects you with nature, people, and culture like nothing else can.

Check out crowd favorites like our legacy BC Zaza, THC-heavy Beaver Tail, or signature hybrid strain Butter Tarts. You’ll see what craft cannabis can be and discover what you’ve been missing.

Even if you love your tinctures and can’t live without your vape, we encourage you to dig into these distinctive strains and experience cannabis at its finest. Here’s to a new era of cannabis curation and a fresh take on the classics you know and love.


Wear your love for cannabis culture on your sleeve — or head, or anywhere, really. As a full-service cannabis store and delivery service, we’ve mastered the art and science of cannabis curation and fulfillment. But we go a step further for the cannabis culture with cutting-edge apparel that compliments any style.

Each piece is adorned with just the right vibe, and our Burb logo isn’t necessarily front and center every time. From sweats to tees, hats and socks, you can rock your love for Canadian cannabis and all things BC, whether you hail from the region or not.

You won’t find any over-the-top weed graphics or one-liners here. As always, quality is our top priority, and you can dress these pieces up or down any day of the week.

If you love BC cannabis as much as we do, you’re in the right place. Our apparel is for everyone, and you’ll always have a reason to wear it.

Our Stores

Glance at a map of BC, and you’ve got options, from our centrally located Vancouver stores to locations in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and beyond. More recently, our Victoria locations have expanded our horizons, and we’re not done yet.

Stay tuned for even more openings throughout the year, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for announcements and offers. It has never been easier to get quality cannabis and all the extras in BC, and our in-store experience is second to none.

We also offer online ordering for added convenience. Just place your order on your phone or computer, swoop by your nearest store, and go do your thing. That’s how cannabis should be, and that’s what Burb does best.