CBN vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

You're a stoner and you've heard people throw around terms like THC, CBD, and more recently, CBN. While these are all different cannabis compounds, it can be a little difficult to understand what each term means.

Don't worry, we got you. This article breaks down the differences between each cannabinoid, their uses, and we've even included a few product recommendations for you (you're welcome).

What is a cannabinoid ?

First and foremost, we gotta define what a cannabinoid is before getting into the nuts and bolts of things. To put it simply, cannabinoids are compounds found in cannabis. THC, CBN, CBD - these are all cannabinoids. While these might be the most popular right now, there's actually over 100 distinct canniboids found in cannabis.

What is CBN?

CBN (or Cannabinol) is a cannabinoid found specifically in cannabis. It's fat-soluble and mildly psychoactive, although it doesn't create a high like THC. Since the use of CBN is fairly new, there's not a ton of research out there on this particular compound. While we aren't medical professionals and are unqualified to make any medical suggestions, there are some folks who have made some anecdotal claims that CBN helps increase their quality of sleep.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis and in hemp. It's non-psychoactive, meaning you won't get high from intake, and comes in a variety of consumption methods including gummies, beverages, soft gels, vape carts, oil tinctures and more.

What's the Difference between THC, CBD and CBN?

While all are cannabinoids, the easiest way to differentiate between the three is that THC is the psychoactive ingredient that gets you high, CBD is non-psychoactive, and CBN is slightly psychoactive.

CBN can also be understood as the weaker version of THC - it's about 90% weakter to be exact. On top of this, cannabinol has a very specific relationship to THC. Rather than coming directly from the cannabis plant like CBD, CBN is created directly from THC as it degrades. Taking about 10 mg of CBN is roughly equivalent to taking 1 mg of THC.

CBN Products For Purchase

We're excited about CBN and all it has to offer. We've created a short list of our fave CBN products that are avaible for online and in-store purchase. Check it out below!

CBN 1:2 Nightime Formula

MediPharm Labs CBN1 2 is a pharma-quality high-CBN Nighttime Formula containing 10mg/ml of CBN and 20mg/ml of THC made using refined CBN material produced at MediPharm Labs using strict manufacturing standards to bring you the highest quality and purity. This high-quality formulated oil has a subtle cannabis flavour. The coconut/palm-based MCT carrier oil has 10mg/g of CBN per ml to 20mg/g of THC per ml and 300mg total of CBN and 600mg of THC per 30ml bottle.

Real Fruit Elderberry CBN Gummies

Wyld's Elderberry gummies support a restful nighttime experience with THC + CBN. CBN (Cannabinol) is a cannabinoid, which is a compound found in the Cannabis plant, just like CBD is. However, CBN offers many alternate benefits to CBD, such as greater sedation, especially when used in conjunction with other cannabinoids like THC.

Organnicraft Nitro Cookies

A hybrid cross of Gas Mask and Animal Cookies that is very cerebral and psychoactive. A strain with high THC and traces of CBN that has notes of pine, earth and fruit.

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By Nadia Bortolazzo
Nadia is an MA graduate and a Digital Marketing Specialist at Burb. Her writing is guided by her interest in challenging and expanding the ideologies surrounding cannabis culture.
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