Learn to Plant & Grow Your Own Cannabis

Spring has finally sprung which means it’s the season for all the gardeners and plant owners out there to embrace your green thumbs! Here at Burb, we’re all super excited to introduce cannabis clones of some of our favorite strains to our newest location in Maple Ridge. If you are a grower yourself or if you’ve been thinking about growing your own cannabis plant, we invite you to come check out our selection of clones that will be available to purchase or pre-order from April 14, 2023 at 20110 Lougheed Hwy. #110, Maple Ridge.


We know if you’re just starting it might be intimidating. Some of our team members have tons of experience growing themselves so you can come into the store and ask whatever questions you may have. We’re located right next to Pacific North West Garden Supply where you can pick up any grow supplies you might need and they have friendly staff that can help you out as well.


If you can’t tell already, all of us here at Burb are passionate about our cannabis plants and support anyone who wants to take on this demanding but fulfilling endeavor. To make it a bit easier for you, here is a general guideline that our grow experts have put together.

12 Steps to Plant & Grow Your Own Cannabis

Step 1:  

Prepare a 1 gallon pot with your grow medium of choice (soil, coco coir, pro-mix).

Step 2:

Moisten the soil without soaking it and dig a hole big enough for the root system.

Step 3:

Remove your clone from the package and place in hole and cover up to base of stem.

Step 4:

Water with early stage nutrient mix diluted as instructed on the package.

Step 5:

Keep your plants in vegetative cycle for the first few weeks by providing more than 18 hours of light per day and avoiding putting your light(s) too close when your plants are young.

Step 6:

Switch to vegetative stage feed and use as instructed by the product label after the first few days.

Step 7:

Flip your plant into flowering by switching the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. This will be the time to switch the feed for the flowering stage.

Step 8:

Defoliate your plant as needed before, after and during flowering so that you avoid leaves.

Step 9:

Follow the instructions of the feed you have chosen and stop using when instructed. Some feed systems require feeding water only for the last few days/weeks, others don't.

Step 10:

Remove all fan leaves and harvest your plant at the peak of maturity.

Step 11:

Hang for up to two months in a room at around 60 F and 60 RH.

Step 12:

Take buds off the stem and store.

Evidently some of these steps can differ depending on many factors such as where you’re growing, what you’re growing, what supplies you use, etc. This is just the basics but hopefully it provides what you need to get started. You are always welcome to reach out or visit us if you have any questions or just want to chat!