Burnaby Weed Delivery - Edibles, Concentrates, Beverages and More

We want you to be able to get your weed products as quickly and conveniently as possible. As such, we’re proud to provide a delivery service to the Burnaby area including Deer Lake, Simon Fraser University, Metrotown, Burnaby Lake, Brentwood, Burnaby Heights, Edmonds and more. We’ll deliver any of our amazing products directly to your home guaranteed within 3 hours.

Our Burnaby weed delivery service means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to venture out to a store. Simply place your order online and sit back and relax.

We provide safe, reliable, legally licensed delivery of your favorite high variety products. Whether you’re looking for edibles, beverages, concentrates, oils, seeds, or more, we’re ready to serve you!

Delivery is available 7 days a week from Monday to Saturday 9am to 10pm, and Sunday 10am to 7pm.

Burb Delivery is available to all 19+ customers located in Burnaby, BC.

Weed Products for Burnaby Delivery

All weed products, as long as they’re in stock at the time you place your order, are available for delivery. Place your order and receive your order within 3 hours. Getting high has never been easier. Here are just a few featured items to whet your appetite:

White Widow Pre-Roll (by Hiway) - Our White Widow pre-rolls feature a hybrid strain packed with 0.5g of top-quality flower. You’ll experience some tasty notes of sweet, earthy flavours and woody aromas. For the discerning stoner.

Ghost Train Haze Pre Rolls (by Colour Cannabis) - The Ghost Train Haze is sativa-dominant and it’s high in THC. If you’re looking for floral, citrusy, and spicy notes, this is the product to try.

Sunset Sherbet (by Broken Coast) - This flower’s ​​dense indica flowers with deep purple and silver colour and a frosty covering gives it the sherbert name. It’s a fruit-forward strain that evokes a taste similar to a basket of strawberries and guava. If you love indica and fruit, this will be right up your alley.

Papaya (by 7Acres)- An indica-dominant hybrid, Acres Papaya is known for its highly pungent sweet and fruity aromatic notes. High quality bud for a high quality smoke.

Gelato Mint (by Ness) - Skip the traditional gelato and instead smoke this high THC, indica-dominant hybrid that tastes like sweet Cookies & Cream.

Cannabis Concentrate Products for Burnaby Delivery

The highest quality and the widest selection is what you can expect when it comes to our cannabis concentrate. Here’s just a small selection of our featured cannabis concentrates . . .

Verse Hydrocarbon Crumble (by Verse Originals) - This is a premium hydrocarbon concentrate that’s designed to focus on capturing the very essence of the living plant. With 75-80% THC and 12-14% terpene content, this crumble is not for the novice and was truly created with the experienced consumer in mind. This crumble features a stunning honeycomb-like consistency and comes in a non-reactive glass container to keep it fresh.

Good Ol Hash (by Good Supply) - It’s all in the name! This traditional pressed hash is sticky, malleable and dense, and completely delicious.

Muskmelon OG Wax (by Broken Coast) - Don’t mistake this for snowboard wax. Muskmelon OG Wax is crafted by harvesting Broken Coast's deep purple flower at the peak of its trichome maturity. The resulting concentrate is a wax with a profile reminiscent of creamy melon and sweet citrus, owing to the abundance of myrcene and limonene.

Beverage Products for Burnaby Delivery

If you want to take a break from smoking, why not try a beverage instead? Our beverage products come in a variety of flavors and strengths to give you the high you’re looking for! We’ll even deliver them to your door.

XMG Watermelon Beverage (by Hexo) - If you want to give your lungs a solid break, why not try a refreshing burst of Watermelon flavoured beverage, with 10mg THC in a 236ml aluminum can?

XMG Citrus Beverage(by Hexo) - Packed with 10mg of THC in a 236 ml can, you’ll get a smooth and refreshing citrus flavour that quenches your thirst and gives you that zing you’re looking for. Perfect when served over ice.

Grapefruit CBD Seltzer Water (by Everie) - If you feel like having a classy moment, this light sparkling water with 15mg of 98% pure CBD and a small trace of THC is perfect! Featuring a full grapefruit flavour, with tart citrus and a touch of zest, enjoy this drink chilled or over ice, preferably served on a silver tray by your personal butler.

How to Make an Order

Delivery to Burnaby is available on demand with same day delivery during business hours only. Most orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible with a maximum window of 3 hours.

Browse our selection of products, order your favourites or feed your thirst for adventure and try something new. Our stress-free ordering service means you can get the premium cannabis products you know and love directly to your home in Burnaby, BC.

Unlike other stores, we provide free delivery with no minimum in most delivery zones, 7 days a week.

Ordering for delivery to Burnaby is quick and easy. Once you’ve found the product or products you’d like to purchase, simply select the “Local Delivery” tab, then “Add To Cart”, and check out! It’s as easy as that.