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Mon - Sat: 9AM - 10PM | Sun: 10AM - 8PM

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Why Burb?

Burb is built on a foundation of values that prioritizes supporting our community while celebrating everything that’s beautiful about BC cannabis culture. We are a truly local business that proudly employs citizens and engages in social outreach.

We are not your average cannabis store, Burb is an innovative cannabis retailer and lifestyle brand. Our offerings are curated in order to give our customers access to the best possible products for their lifestyle. We sell premium craft cannabis strains and a wide range of flower, edibles, beverages, oils, and more. Burb knows the cannabis market and the products better than anyone and we do everything possible to provide our customers with a quality experience every time they enter one of our stores.

In addition to providing access to the best cannabis products, we also sell premium smoking accessories and custom cut/sew streetwear. When choosing accessories and apparel to sell under our brand, we prioritize Canadian-made products sourced from local makers.

Our Port Moody Cannabis Shop, Built for Your Lifestyle

We wanted to open the cannabis store Port Moody deserved and, well, we did. Burb is a local Port Moody cannabis shop selling the finest craft cannabis strains that are great for newcomers and seasoned consumers alike. Burb is run by and for mature cannabis users who have busy and active lives. Our aim is to provide lifestyle cannabis products for those who want a different type of cannabis store experience.

Our Port Moody weed store is located conveniently in Suter Brook Village, with easy access via Ioco Road. With great breweries and beautiful walking trails nearby, it’s the perfect location.

Find Your Ritual with Burb

There’s a lot of joy to be found in our everyday rituals. That’s why Burb spends so much time carefully curating the highest quality cannabis products along with apparel and accessories.  Whatever your preferred ritual, we have something to help you celebrate the everyday. Life is amazing, treat it that way.

Our Offerings

Stash: storage jars and bags from local BC artisans

Prep: uniquely designed grinders, rolling trays, and unbleached rollies

Spark: quality, artfully designed lighters and ashtrays

Toke: the highest quality cannabis strains, vapes, and smoking accessories

Indulge: a selection of carefully curated edibles

Sip: premium cannabis-infused beverages

Wear: made-in-Canada custom cut/sew streetwear apparel

Port Moody Cannabis for Recreation and Wellness

We sell some of the finest cannabis products, including flower, oil, edibles, and beverages on the planet, for both recreation and wellness use. We even sell seeds so you can grow your own. We want everyone to have access to the benefits of cannabis, so our knowledgeable budtenders are always happy to answer any of your questions and give you recommendations in order to help you get the experience you’re looking for. Want a product that relaxes you? Something that gets your creative juices flowing? Just want to feel great? We can help with that.

It’s important to make time to play. Cannabis as recreation is a great way to chill out, indulge, and engage in self care. Whether you want to spark your creative flow, relax into a body high, or something in between, we’ve got a wide selection of carefully curated cannabis products to choose from for your next sesh.

Be Well
Cannabis is becoming more and more widely used as a healing and wellness product. Many people find that using CBD products helps to relieve chronic pain, menstrual cramps, promote more restful sleep, relax, and improve mood, along with a host of other potential health benefits. Whatever you're looking for,our knowledgeable burbtenders are here to help you find the best products to fit your particular needs.