Burb’s Guide to Cannabis Edibles

Edibles containing THC or CBD have a ton of advantages as a method of cannabis consumption - not only for the experience but also for the ease of use. We carry a wide range of edibles made from the finest cannabis and can be purchased directly from any of our threelocationsin the lower mainland.

Like any form of cannabis consumption, there’s always a risk when taking edibles - How much should you take? How long does it take to kick in? How strong are edibles? We want to make sure you have a worry-free high so we’ve answered the most common questions below.

How Long Do Edibles Take to Kick in?

Edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the full effects to kick in. This can make the experience difficult as it can be tricky to predict the onset time, dose-response, and duration of the experience. A common mistake beginners make is that they don’t feel the high within half an hour to an hour and take more! This results in someone getting way too high and having a bad first experience.

The simple advice here is to take your time, start at a low dosage, and be patient.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

Cannabis in edibles needs to go through the human digestive system before it enters the bloodstream. The effects may take hours to set in and the high builds slowly unlikevaping orsmoking flower. The duration of your high depends on a few factors and can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day depending on how much you consume and the dosage.

Factors such as absorption rates, rates of metabolism and excretion, and your overall body weight will affect the bioavailability of cannabinoids. As a word of caution: start slow and go slow.

How Strong are Edibles? 

Simply put, taking edibles provides a stronger, more potent effect compared to other methods of cannabis consumption.

After the cannabis is consumed and digested, the THC absorbs into the bloodstream and travels through to the liver, where it undergoes the hepatic first-pass metabolism. We know it sounds confusing, but during this process, enzymes in the edible form a potent psychoactive metabolite that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, causing a stronger high over a certain period of time. Effects range from a mild mellow feeling to slight hallucinogenic effects. Again, this all depends on how much you take!

Do Edibles Have Any Side Effects?

Generally, edibles don’t come with any side effects that wouldn’t also occur from using cannabis in any other form. The biggest side effects come from users taking an edible and not giving the product enough time to digest and create a reaction. The user ends up taking more, immediately increasing their dosage.

It’s always recommended to take only a set amount and stick to it. There may be some trial and error here, especially if you’re taking an edible for the first time.

What are the Best Edibles for Beginners?

Like any other form of cannabis there are generally two main types to choose from: THC and CBD.

For a stronger, more psychoactive high, many people choose an edible rich in THC. As the most potent cannabinoid in a cannabis plant, and the main element that’s well-known for producing that classic cannabis high, THC is the way to go. Depending on the person, people taking a THC-rich edible may experience feelings of euphoria, creativity, relaxation, and/or pain relief. Others may experience some mild confusion and occasional shifts in time perception. Starting with a low dose is the safest way to experiment and avoid any potentially unpleasant side effects. For first time users we recommend taking anywhere from 2-5mg of THC for your first edible experience.

For a more chill feeling edibles containing CBD are far more popular. While CBD does have some psychoactive effects (not to the same extent as THC), the sensation it provides is a lot more relaxed.

We also carry products with a clean mix of CBD and THC. For first timers, we recommend getting an edible with 1:1 THC/CBD and starting at 2.5mg. You’ll get the effects of both for a balanced high.

Things to Consider When Trying Cannabis Edibles for the First Time

Trying any weed products for the first time can be a daunting experience. Here are the key takeaways for beginners:

  • Try edibles with both THC and CBD
  • Begin with 2.5 mg of THC or less
  • Buy your products from a reliable, legal and licensed provider to ensure high quality products
  • Wait at least two hours before consuming more than an the initial dose

While we are legally unable to deliver products to your door, ourBurb Online feature allows you to purchase your products online, and come pick them up at a later time - convenient just for you.