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Holiday Recipes

Delight your senses and give the gift of THC while entertaining at home this season.

Share your home versions of our holiday recipes by tagging @shopburb #lightuptheholidays.

  • THC Mug Cake
  • THC Cocktail
  • Snack Charcuterie


THC Mug Cake

Start with a Mug Cake Mix (Betty Crocker)
Add a 3 tablespoons of milk or water
Add your choice of CBD or THC oil


THC Cocktail

Start with a THC Beverage of your choice
Add your favourite terpene profile:
Rosemary (Pinene Dominant)
Blood Orange (Limonene Dominant)
Add Orange Garnish


Snack Charcuterie

Add your choice of THC/CBD Gummies
Add some THC Chocolates
Add your favourite snacks