Cannabis Drinks: What to Know

Edibles are typically split up into two types: solids and beverages. What you can’t eat, you can certainly drink. As a result beverages containing THC have been hugely popular over the last several years.

Cannabis beverages are generally infused with varying ratios of CBD and THC. While CBD is the non-intoxicating compound found in flower, it still contains a very small amount of THC without the high. On the other hand, drinks containing THC will get you high.

Beverages are generally pre-made and ready to consume. CBD beverages typically contain anywhere from a few milligrams of CBD to up to 50 mg. Those chasing a stronger, more active high will likely prefer a THC-infused drink that can contain anywhere from 2.5 to 10 mg of THC. Fair warning: THC drinks will cause mild intoxication.

The biggest appeal of cannabis beverages is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. Users have the option to choose from cannabis-infused coffee, tea, beer, kombucha, soft drinks, and more. Drinks differ from other edibles because their effects come on quicker and are often found to be stronger by many users.

Another positive effect of cannabis beverages is that they don’t have the noticeable residual smell or taste of weed.

Tips For Consuming THC-Infused Drinks

It might be tempting to drink an entire bottle of a THC-infused drink, especially if it tastes good. However, you still need to be cautious of the dosage before you take your first sip - read the directions, take note of the serving size and potency first.

Begin with a small dose before trying anything stronger - we recommend starting with 2.5mg or less. Hot tip: eat something fat-based to increase the bioavailability of the THC or CBD.

The Benefits of Cannabis Beverages

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Most beverages have a water-soluble powder additive which makes the effects of THC fast acting. Compared to edibles without water-soluble THC additives, cannabis beverages hit fast and hard.

How are Cannabis Drinks Made?

Making them isn’t as easy as putting a tea bag in a cup of hot water. Much like the process of extracting cannabinoids for solid edibles, smoking, and vaping, making beverages is complex.

CO2 extraction is a common process used to create cannabis extracts. Carbon dioxide gets compressed into a liquid state and is then combined with raw cannabis materials. This creates an abundance of pressure. Once released, the CO2 is left in a gaseous state leaving behind a concentrated extract.

Once the extract is created, it has to be refined using something called short-path distillation. This process takes the concentrated cannabis extract and uses vacuum and heat control to refine it, removing any unnecessary and unwanted elements. Once it’s reached this state, the cannabis is ready to be added into products.

However, at this point the cannabis distillate isn’t water soluble, so you can’t just add it to a liquid and create a beverage. A process called emulsification blends everything together allowing it to become more water-soluble. At this point, the cannabis can be added to liquid.

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