Premium Smoking Accessories

Burb offers unique, high-end premium smoking accessories right here in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our selection of smoking products is constantly growing - we often deal with local, handmade products, providing unique accessories for every kind of cannabis enthusiast. Our designer products are unique, which means stock can often be limited. If you see something you like in our online store, be sure to stock up before it’s too late.

As a retailer of recreational cannabis and accessories, we’re committed to ensuring our customer’s experience is of the highest quality. By stocking high end smoking accessories, we’re helping define the cannabis culture in BC and beyond. As a result, our customers know they’re not only buying from a premium retailer, but from a company that genuinely cares about the plant associated with it.


It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves: “How long is my weed good for?” Whether you’re new to flower or a seasoned OG, it’s important to properly store your stash in order to maintain both potency and flavour. If done correctly, your weed should be good for 6 months to a year.

Storing Your Weed - The Basics

It’s best to store your stash in a cool, dry and dark place. Most cannabis mildew and molds thrive at temperatures over 25 degrees celsius. This means that high temperatures will dry out your flower leading to a flavourless, harsh smoking experience.

With this in mind, check out our variousstorage solutions. Our products are specifically designed to keep your product cool and dry for the best smoke, every time.

How Not to Store Your Weed

People often hear ‘store in a cool place’ and immediately jump to the fridge.Never store your cannabis in the fridge. The cool temperatures can cause condensation inside your container and ruin your product. Other things to avoid include the freezer, cheap plastic bags and storing near any electronic devices that give off high amounts of heat like a television or game console.

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Prep Products

Prepping your flower for consumption is extremely important. From grinders to rolling trays and everything in between, we proudly carry a unique selection of handcrafted cannabis accessories to prep with.


Grinders are a necessary tool for regular smokers. It doesn’t matter if you’re rolling a joint or packing a bowl, a consistent grind is essential. Strictly used for dry flower, grinders allow you to reduce your product to the perfect size and consistency - perfect for an even, flawless burn.

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are essential for any consumer. It’s a convenient tool that allows you to temporarily hold your weed before you pack a bowl or roll your perfect joint. It helps contain any mess and ensures you make the most of your flower. Toss out your old magazines and newspapers and cop our premium magnetic rolling trays.


Let’s be honest, a lighter is the last product you think of when smoking, but probably the most important. With a variety of styles and unique appearances you can confidently light up in style with our Burb-branded lighters.

Smoking Accessories

When it comes to smoking accessories, there’s a ton of products to choose from depending on your needs. Whether you vape, roll joints, or are in need of dabbing tools, we carry a wide variety of products and brands.

Vape Pens

Vape cartridges are filled with concentrated THC distillate. When attached to a vape, it heats up and outputs vapour instead of smoke. This makes the overall smoking experience smoother and less harsh on your lungs. Vapes are also more convenient than joints and usually have little to no odour - making them more discrete if you want to toke inside. Another positive is that vape cartridges are disposable, which is a plus if you’re a minimalist stoner.

Dab Pens

If you’re looking for something that’s both portable and discrete, then a dab pen may be the way to go. Similar to vaping, dab pens offer variable voltage and heating levels, allowing you to change the temperature at which you vape.This allows you to control the quality and quantity of your experience.

Bongs and Water Pipes

A bong or water pipe will give you a smoother smoking experience compared to joints or pens. Water in the bong typically eradicates the dry heat of other smoking methods and creates an experience filled with smooth smoke.

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