Recreational Cannabis in BC

Cannabis is our passion, and the reason we exist.

Burb is a BC-based private retailer of recreational cannabis. We’re legacy minded and committed to ensuring that high quality craft cannabis continues to define the culture of BC. Our stores are community centres that celebrate the plant and preserve the culture associated with it. We hope to see you soon…

Store Location

Burb Cannabis

Sun: 10AM - 10PM
Mon - Wed: 9AM - 10PM
Thu - Sat: 9AM - 11PM

Other Locations

Burb Cannabis on Yates Street (Downtown Victoria)

The second installment of our Vancouver Island expansion, this location is tucked neatly on Yates Street in Downtown Victoria. This shop offers staples in Burb clothing as well as our shop specific collection and a wide selection of THC, CBD, and minor cannabinoid products.

Situated on the corner of Government Street and Yates Street and directly beside Leopold’s Tavern, this location offers plenty of activities for all your downtown needs. Come visit our knowledgeable team to learn more!

Downtown Victoria Online Menu

Cannabis Flower

Take the classic route with high-quality cannabis flower sourced from local farmers and the best selections across Canada and the States. Indica and sativa are just the basics — we’re raising the bar with innovative strains, ushering in a new era of cannabis.

Not sure where to start? Our budtenders know it all and will help you find the perfect strain for your desired effects.


For those without a talent for rolling joints, carefully crafted pre-rolls are always available at our Yates Street location. These joints and blunts are readymade and ready to go, whether you want to share them with friends or just take the occasional puff.

It’s the perfect intro to cannabis for beginners and a reliable choice for marijuana veterans with discerning tastes.


Discover amazing, delicious edibles like gummies, cookies, and more at our newest location. These aren’t your typical brownies with unknown contents.

All our products are sourced carefully and have precise amounts of cannabinoids, so you know what to expect. If you’re looking for a discreet way to enjoy weed without the smoke, edibles are the clear choice.

Vape Carts

Vaping is here to stay, and our selection of cartridges will set you on track to enjoy the latest cannabis creations. We carry high-potency THC vape carts, as well as mellow CBD versions that will give you soothing effects without the psychoactive high. We’ll also recommend the best vape tech so you can build your perfect rig or use disposable weed pens how you want.

Cannabis Extracts

Extracts represent the latest and greatest in cannabis science. Our lineup of waxes, butters, and crystalline THC extracts will show you what this trend is all about.

With extracts, you’re getting pure cannabis compounds in a streamlined format, with an emphasis on personalized gear and customization. If you don’t know the basics, our Yates Street staff is here to show you the ropes and introduce you to a new world of weed!

Cannabis Topicals

Sore muscles, stiff joints, or other types of discomfort are hard to target when smoking or ingesting cannabis. That’s why cannabis topicals have become so popular and why we carry some of the market’s best cannabis-infused lotions, creams, and transdermals. Get the targeted relief you need with this innovative new delivery method — we have the perfect formula for you.

Weed Accessories

From grinders to lighters, papers to trays, our Yates Street store is stocked with all the weed gear you could ever need. You’ll always have the right tools for the job, and you can even show off your Burb loyalty with branded accessories from our shop.