David Hershkovits reviews the year with special guest DJ Kibbitz. What he really thinks about the year in pot from Fab 5 Freddie to Ricky Powell, Danny Fields, AJ Sour Diesel and beyond.

Brought to you by the Vancouver-based Burb, dedicated to the city with a legacy of tolerance and positive vibrations and the home of its celebrated BC Bud.

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Leah Barr-Rabey
Leah Barr-Rabey

December 29, 2020

I love your products

Noah Koff
Noah Koff

September 08, 2020

Happy new year David. Great work with LIght Culture, I need to catch up on the more recent episodes but especially enjoyed your interviews with Joe Dolce, Garett Louie and Shep Farley. Great insights! Would love to connect this year for a call or if you are in Portland Oregon get in touch (where I live with my family). Cheers, Noah

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