Legs McNeil literally wrote the book on Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll. He called it “Please Kill Me, an Oral History of Punk Rock.” We talk about why the Ramones hated the Sex Pistols, New York then and now, founding Punk magazine, Lenny Bruce, porn star Ron Jeremy, Charlie Manson and pop culture, good and bad.

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@dustin pop
@dustin pop

December 29, 2020

Amazing show David
Love Legs. Can’t believe you taught a class on the book please Kill Me! That’s a book to write.
If Ron stuck w just Ron! He wouldn’t be in trouble now. 💋

Dan Drogynye
Dan Drogynye

September 30, 2020

Love the book “Please Kill Me”. Gives alot of info in a short interview ! Love the bands that many don’t understand !

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