Top 12 Edible Cannabis Products

Let’s face it - if you’re a regular stoner your lungs could probably use a break. While there’s nothing more satisfying than lighting up a perfectly rolled joint, we’ve got to admit, chilling out and taking an edible is becoming many people’s preferred way to consume cannabis. With that, we’ve put together a list of 12 edible products ranging from Wana gummies, brownie bites, beverages, and more.

1. Wana Edibles Sour Gummies - Blueberry Indica

Each pack of Wana Blueberry Indica Sour Gummies comes with 2 chews containing 5mg each (10mg total). Potent, delicious, and consistent, each gummy is carefully infused with a terpene-enhanced Indica blend. These gummies are vegan, gluten-free and sweetened with organic ingredients (not high-fructose corn syrup). A solid choice to start your edible journey.

2. CBD Gummies - DynaThrive Pomegranate Soft Chews

If you’re looking to stay away from THC, a pack of DynaThrive Pomegranate soft chews comes with 30 gummies - each containing 10mg of purified CBD isolate. Perfect to accompany your morning cup of joe or to consume before you go to sleep. Each gummy is made with the tart taste of pomegranate juice.

3. XMG Citrus Beverage (10mg THC)

Bring these to any event and you'll become to most popular guest in the room. This Citrus Beverages from XMG is excellent as a drink on its own, or to mix. Each can contains 10mg of THC and is flavoured with a refreshing, citrus taste. Best served chilled.

4. Rilaxe Mango Tango Dried Fruit (10mg THC)

Rilaxe with these Mango Tango Dried Fruit edibles. Made with with high-quality THC distillate that's sourced locally, these delicious dried mangoes are unique, delicious and offer a healthier alternative to your typical gummies or chocolates. The Mango Tango dried fruits are designed to help first-time users to have a fun, healthy, safe and responsible experience - each pack contains 10mg THC.

5. Spinach Peach Orange Sourz (1:1 CBD:THC)

Reminiscent of your favourite childhood sour peach candies, these sourz by Spinach are a combination of peach and orange, with sour crystals. Peach Orange sourz are balanced 1:1 THC:CBD gummies with 10 mg THC total and 10mg CBD total. With 5 to a pack, each gummy contains 5mg of THC and CBD.

6. Vacay Ice Cream Sandwich Chocolate

The sweet flavours of ice cream mixed with the decadent taste of chocolate. These Ice Cream Sandwich chocolate bites are packed with white chocolate and cookie crumble. Crafted with select cannabis extract. Each pack contains 2 x 5mg THC chocolate pieces.

7. Pure Sunfarms Sour Raspberry 1:1 Gummies

Pure Sunfarms gummies are made with real fruit puree, inspired by fruits native to BC. These pectin-based gummies are 100% vegan and gluten-free, featuring natural flavours and colours. With controlled and consistent portions, each gummy features 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD. Available in packs of four.

8. Wana Edibles Sour Gummies - Quick Orchard Sativa

2 peach coloured cannabis gummies covered in sugar on white background.

Looking for a cerebral smokers high without the hit to your throat and lungs? These Sativa gummies are sweet and sour, each pack contains 2x5mg gummies. Vegan and gluten-free, sweetened with organic ingredients (no high-fructose corn syrup). All-natural flavors and colors enhanced with 30+ terpenes.

9. Aurora Drift Chocolate Chip Cookie

This chocolate chip cookie would make the cookie monster jealous. Aurora Drift's Chocolate Chip Cookie is a crunchy and chocolate-filled edible that contains approximately 10mg of THC, extracted from Aurora's bestselling, high-THC hybrid strains. Evenly infused with 100% high-quality cannabis extract derived from a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction method. Contains milk, eggs, wheat and it may also contain soy.

10. Bhang CBD Milk Chocolate

A classic chocolate edible. Bhang CBD Milk Chocolate combines rich, sustainably sourced 48% cocoa and 10mg of CBD. The bar is scored into four pieces and is produced in Indiva's state-of-the-art facility based in London, Ontario. Bhang CBD Milk Chocolate has a cannabis-free flavour with a hint of sweetness.

11. Tweed Fizz Watermelon Beverage

Miss the summer? So do we. Luckily,Tweed Fizz Watermelon contains the inspired combination of natural Watermelon flavor, 5 mg THC and effervescent carbonated water. Best served chilled.

12. Olli Chocolate Brownie

Thesetwo small-batch, nut-free brownies that each contain 5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD. The brownie has a chewy, soft and decadent chocolate flavour curated by Olli's Michelin-starred trained Executive Chef. Brownies contain eggs and may contain wheat or soy.

How to Consume Edibles?

As a note of caution, when consuming edibles please start slow and go slow. If this is your first time consuming edibles we recommend starting with 2.5 - 5mg of THC. Wait a few hours and see how you feel. If you’re still not achieving your desired high, try again next time with 5-10mg. We suggest increasing your intake by 5mg per session until you’ve achieved your desired high. DO NOT increase your intake several hours after first consuming - it might get you way too high and take the fun out of your experience.

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By Nadia Bortolazzo
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