Recreational Cannabis in Port Coquitlam

Cannabis is our passion, and the reason we exist.

Burb is a BC-based private retailer of recreational cannabis. We’re legacy minded and committed to ensuring that high quality craft cannabis continues to define the culture of BC. Our stores are community centres that celebrate the plant and preserve the culture associated with it. We hope to see you soon…

Store Location

Burb Cannabis

Mon - Sat: 9AM - 11PM
Sun: 10AM - 8PM

Other Locations

Burb (Broadway Street)

If you haven’t visited this location, we highly recommend it! Unlike any other dispensary you’ve probably visited, this flagship was built to convey the lifestyle behind the Burb brand. Interior design aside, our bud-bar is always stocked with fire in all categories - we pride ourselves on product curation and procurement so you’ll be sure to leave happy every time! Next door we got munchie spots for days - Iron Bowl sushi is possibly the best sushi in the lower mainland, there’s tacos, snacks and junk food, A&W… oh and we’re conveniently located along the Mary Hill Bypass to make your commute a bit more pleasant!

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