Recreational Cannabis in BC

Cannabis is our passion, and the reason we exist.

Burb is a BC-based private retailer of recreational cannabis. We’re legacy minded and committed to ensuring that high quality craft cannabis continues to define the culture of BC. Our stores are community centres that celebrate the plant and preserve the culture associated with it. We hope to see you soon…

Store Location

Burb Cannabis

Sun: 10AM - 10PM
Mon - Wed: 9AM - 10PM
Thu - Sat: 9AM - 11PM

Other Locations

Burb Cannabis on Yates Street (Downtown Victoria)

The second installment of our Vancouver Island expansion, this location is tucked neatly on Yates Street in Downtown Victoria. This shop offers staples in Burb clothing as well as our shop specific collection and a wide selection of THC, CBD, and minor cannabinoid products.

Situated on the corner of Government Street and Yates Street and directly beside Leopold’s Tavern, this location offers plenty of activities for all your downtown needs. Come visit our knowledgeable team to learn more!