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Introducing Burb In California

We are proud to announce the launch of our strains Butter Tarts and Beaver Tail in the California market. We are west-coast OG and breathe the rich history of BC Bud into all extensions of our brand. As a private retailer of recreational cannabis, we are legacy minded and committed to ensuring that high quality craft cannabis continues to define the culture of Canada and beyond.

Butter Tarts

A proprietary Indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses SinMint Cookies with Butter OG. Butter Tarts produces a strong body and head high with a sweet and creamy aroma that coats the mouth and leaves brown sugar and mint flavours on the tongue. This pheno has bright green and brown buds with a generous layer of cake that results in fluffy dense buds.

: 25 - 30%
CBD: 0 - 1%

Beaver Tail

A proprietary Indica-dominant hybrid strain that crosses Ice Cream Cake with Chemdawg. Beaver Tail is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind. This strain has darker green buds with trichomes that put out a sweet and earthy aroma alongside hints of diesel and pine. Not for novice THC consumers, Beaver Tail is potent with a heavy hitting high that can certainly couch lock.

CBD: 0-1%

Beaver Tail 2g Blunt

Alongside dried flower, we are excited to launch Beaver Tail in a 2g blunt format. Hemp wrapped with a beaver tail mouth piece - so you know what you're smoking, when you're smoking it.

Where To Buy:

Butter Tarts and Beaver Tail is coming soon to the finest stockists in California.

Interested In Selling Our Products?

We are committed to bringing the best flower and cannabis products to market through our careful curation program and working with the best in-class craft growers in California. We take pride in offering unique and proprietary genetics with a focus on quality control from seed to sale. Interested in carrying our products at your store?

About Burb

As active members of the cannabis industry, we believe in maintaining our presence as a cultural force within the community. We are honouring the legacy and designing the future of cannabis culture through our network of licensed retail stores, cut/sew apparel and weekly podcast hosted by David Hershkovits (co-founder of Paper Magazine). Click here to read more.