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Certified wild man, chef, TV personality, podcaster and youtubber takes off his apron to talk about the world outside his window.

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Nichole Moraila
Nichole Moraila

December 29, 2020

Matty mentioned being white, living in another country, in a remote area and having the conversation of other cultures with your young children. Fortunately, Matty is a well traveled man and an excellent chef, so he can use this as a vehicle and share different cultures with his children through food to start that conversation. How one could even begin to explain the disgusting things that are happening in the United States? The history, the horrors that are STILL occurring? I wish Matty, his wife Trish and parents everywhere much luck and love as it will likely be the most difficult conversation they ever have with their children. If you are black or POC then it will definitely be the most difficult conversation you’ll ever have with your children. 💔

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