Pitt Meadows Weed Delivery - Edibles, Concentrates, Beverages and More

Our weed delivery service now comes to Pitt Meadows including North Pitt Meadows, Central Pitt Meadows, Pitt Polder neighbourhoods and more! Get your favourite dried flower, edibles, beverages, concentrates and more delivered to you in 3 hours or less. Our service is available to all 19+ customers in the Pitt Meadows area available 7 days a week from Monday to Saturday 9am - 10pm and Sunday 10am - 7pm.

Getting high has never been easier.

Weed Products for Pitt Meadows Delivery

With a wide range of products in various categories, we've got cannabis products suitable for every kind of enthusiast. Need some ideas for your shopping list? Check out a few of our favourites below, all available for Pitt Meadows weed delivery.

Lemon Z (Ogen)-Lemon Z is derived from a cross of the classic cultivar Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez. The result of this extensive pheno hunt, our Lemon Z #42 is sativa dominant and provides a punchy lemon aroma with hints of warm brown sugar and chocolate. OGEN's small batch buds are hand-trimmed to preserve trichomes and we use minimal packaging with a secondary seal to keep freshness.

Subway Scientist (Riff)- Featuring the indica, Grandaddy Purple. Created as a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud, the flowers are a deep purple hue with white crystal trichomes.

BC Organic Blue Dream (Simply Bare) -High-THC BC Organic Blue Dream is a version of the classic sativa dominant strain boasting high THC potency, strong blueberry aromas, and an impressive terpene profile. It's grown in 100% organic, homemade living soil, hand-harvested then cold cured for 14 days before being placed in a fully recyclable glass jar.

Sunset Sherbet (Broken Coast)-Exhibiting dense Indica flowers with deep purple and silver colour, the large swollen calyxes are covered so thickly in glandular trichomes they're almost white. Terpene profile includes caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene. A fruit-forward strain evoking the truly unique smell and taste of a basket of strawberries and guava.

BC Pink Kush (Flwr) -Pink Kush, with its OG Kush roots, appears dark green and purple in colour and quite dense in structure, while appearing almost spherical in its overall shape. This Indica-dominant strain is known for its distinct aroma of fresh pine and citrusy flavour.

Cannabis Beverage Products for Pitt Meadows Delivery

Sometimes getting high is best served on ice. Check out our wide range of beverages below...

Mango Pineapple Beverage (XMG) - Enjoy the sweet flavour of Mango pineapple with this cannabis beverage. With a potency of 10mg THC in 236ml aluminum can, this is a perfect drink to have when you need to sit back and relax.

Strawberry CBD Seltzer Water (Everie) -Everie Strawberry CBD Seltzer is a light sparkling water with 15mg of 98% pure CBD and a trace of THC. Fizzy on the tongue and bursting with juicy, whole-strawberry flavour. Best enjoyed chilled or over ice.

Little Victory Sparkling Lemonade (Hexo) -Tart & juicy, naturally flavoured Lemonade. Each bottle has 2.5mg CBD + 2.5mg THC.

Topicals and Body Lotions for Pitt Meadows Delivery

Give your lungs a break and try some edibles instead -We’ll even deliver them to your door.

CBD Relief Stick (Wildflower)-CBD Relief Stick with 205mg of CBD, blended with coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils such as arnica and wintergreen. The texture and stick applicator allow for easy and targeted topical application, while peppermint and eucalyptus result in Relief Stick's signature lasting scent.

Muscle Balanced 1:1 Body Cream (Proofly) -Mint body cream with 250mg of THC and 250mg of CBD. Menthol provides a cooling sensation and this product also contains natural plant ingredients such as jojoba oil, babbassu oil, and cocoa butter. For topical use only.

Relief Balm Whole Plant 1:3 (Lemon & Grass) - Whole plant infused balm made with a proprietary, solvent-less infusion process, maintaining the full spectrum of the plant. This product contains a rich multitude of cannabinoids, phytonutrients, terpenoids, acids, chlorophyll and other plant matter. Infused with all-natural, botanical ingredients, this relief balm provides an activated warmth and cooling sensation. It has a CBD THC ratio of 1 3 (approximately 75-130mg of CBD to 240-360 mg of THC).

How to Make an Order

Delivery to Pitt Meadows is available on demand with same day delivery during business hours only. Most orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible with a maximum window of 3 hours.

Browse our selection of products, order your favourites or feed your thirst for adventure and try something new. Our stress-free ordering service means you can get the premium cannabis products you know and love directly to your home in Pitt Meadows, BC.

Unlike other stores, we provide free delivery with no minimum in most delivery zones, 7 days a week.

Ordering for delivery to Pitt Meadows is quick and easy. Once you’ve found the product or products you’d like to purchase, simply select the “Local Delivery” tab, then “Add To Cart”, and check out! It’s as easy as that.

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